Punch Quest

Punch Quest 1.4.4

Punch your way through hordes of enemies


  • Tons of powerups and achievements
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Great sense of humor
  • Requires strategy


  • Controls can be frustrating
  • Core gameplay may become repetitive

Very good

Punch Quest is an action game for the iPhone and iPad where players punch their way through hordes of enemies.

The controls for Punch Quest are deceptively simple. Tap on the left side of the screen to uppercut and press on the right side to perform a regular punch. That sounds simple enough until you realize that uppercutting is how you jump and performing a regular punch increases your momentum.

This game mechanic makes Punch Quest fun but also quite frustrating at times. It's a constant battle trying to balance your momentum while uppercutting to avoid enemies and obstacles. There are tons of different types of enemies, which forces you to strategize how to kill each type.

You collect 'punches' as you make your way through the levels in Punch Quest. 'Punches' serve as the in-game currency used to buy powerups and abilities. The more you play the more powerful you get. If you're impatient, Punch Quest offers the ability to purchase more punches for real money. The game itself is free in hopes that players will purchase more in-game currency.

Punch Quest offers a break from the usual punch mechanic by giving players different challenging in the middle of a level. You can ride on the back of a laser-shooting velociraptor or fight your way through a swarm of bees as a garden gnome. It's hilariously random and provides a nice break in the gameplay.

Overall, Punch Quest is a fun and addictive game but its controls can be frustrating at times.

Big update! New items, a new mode, and support/bugfix stuff!


  • Big update! New items, a new mode, and support/bugfix stuff!

Punch Quest


Punch Quest 1.4.4

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